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Excerpt - Wilderness of Thought
Sample Cut
Wilderness of Thought
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Excerpt - Diverging Principles
Sample Cut
Diverging Principles
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Excerpt - Providence Speaks
Sample Cut
Providence Speaks
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Excerpt - Celebrating Clarity
Sample Cut
Celebrating Clarity
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Excerpt - Undiscovered Truths
Sample Cut
Undiscovered Truths
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And Light Upon Them
Piano Sonata No. 7
David J. Sosnowski
Wilderness of Thought (6:11)
Diverging Principles (4:09)
Providence Speaks (6:13)
Celebrating Clarity (3:59)
Undiscovered Truths (6:14)
In tune with uncertain times, powerhouse pianist and avant garde composer David J. Sosnowski has once again brought his melodic and compositional excellence to the narrative of a dramatic human saga.

Beset by the burgeoning changes and advances in the world, mankind is lost and struggling amidst the Wilderness of Thought... valiantly striving to find its direction.

But the world is besieged by Diverging Principles. The age-old story of conflict between good and evil, right and wrong, weak and powerful, plays out against a modern canvas, magnificently -- but ultimately, irresolvably.

At last, Providence Speaks with all the breadth and depth and wisdom of the ages, expounding new ways for mankind and bequeathing them a legacy of an unlimited future of almost unimaginable possibilities.

With tomorrow truly theirs and a vision of such striking truth and beauty, the human race gathers joyously in a single, unified force, joining together in Celebrating Clarity.

Forever changed, they go forward into the universe, their new path abundantly potent, guiding them into the wonders of the cosmos and its Undiscovered Truths; triumphing in a final, explosive crescendo of hope and passion.

Breathtaking in scope and conception, And Light Upon Them brings forth the promise and the glory of human endeavor with visionary fidelity, unfailing energy, and rare and inspiring musical honesty.

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And Light Upon Them
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