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Java Applets
Original Applets By
Navajo Menu
This powerful menu applet can create most any look or feel you can think of, yet it's easy to use and install. 

A slick, smooth ticker-scroller that uses a text file to load items and links.  Supports background image and sound.  Free software tool included.

This horizontally scrolling slide-show display is, deservedly, about the most popular on the 'Net... easy to deal with, and just upgraded to add sound support and bi-directional scrolling.

This is the vertically scrolling cousin of Slider (above) -- all the same great features; this is also a cool way to do menu systems, too, so check it out.

iFrame gets you out of all sorts of design fixes, especially if you hate doing framed layouts.  Once inserted anywere in your page, never touch a sensitive layout again. Just send up a fresh text file.  Great for material that needs frequent updates.

This is a super-easy image panner applet.  A great pro tool, it's also an ideal project for Java newcomers.

A great vertical text scroller, even includes support for background image and sound.

Incredible applet! Use it for anything from a typer to a power presentation tool. Wow!

Our striking, wildly popular multi-media animation applet - great effects.

Full-featured banner rotator with sound cues, independent targeting, more.

The Yak
If you can think of it, you can make it with the YAK animation button applet.

The image-display slide-show applet of your dreams - superb control and ease of use.

Forget the complication... make two- and three-state roll-over buttons in a flash.

Our sound-player applet - use it as a console, or a page-opening sound trigger.

Another of our cool little toolbox applets; a fast, flexible, full-featured marquee text scroller that runs like silk.

PunchMe uses three images, one while the mouse is out of the applet space, one while it's over the applet space, one when clicked, which also triggers a sound file.

Places a system-like popup menu anywhere on your page -- even outside the applet space. The launcher is a tri-state mouseOver-effect graphics button.

This is the big brother of the Slider and Slipper scrolling slideshow applets

A powerful, incredibly versatile image presentation applet.  This is similar to our SnapShot applet, but it adds a host of new features.

For JavaScript junkies, a truly ingenious image display applet that lets you control the linking and other parameters from simple JavaScript calls.

Similar to our iScroll applet, but JavaScript-controlled so it can change messages, many as you want, on the fly from JavaScript calls.

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