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Click Here for ScrollBar Styler 5.5 Information
ScrollBar Styler 5.5
Colored & Blinking Scrollbars For Your Page
ScrollBar Styler 5.5 is a software tool that generates scrollbar CSS "style" code for colored, flat-style, and custom scrollbars. It also creates JavaScript code for multi-color blinking scrollbars. (Requires IE 5.5 or later.) Super for styling your page and building eye-grabber scrollbar effects.
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Click Here for CHMOD 2.0 Information
Permissions Mini-Tutorial With Calculator Utility
CHMOD 2.0 is a mini-tutorial e-book with a built-in utility that aids in selecting and translating UNIX CHMOD file and directory permission settings. Do you, too, experience pain and suffering remembering that CHMOD 714 number means? CHMOD 2.0 makes the pain go away.
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Click Here for IE_Kill 2.0 Information
IE_Kill 2.0
Browser Window Closer
IE_Kill 2.0 is a simple tool that closes all running instances of Internet Explorer. Great for clobbering runaway pop-ups, or quickly closing multiple IE windows.
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Click Here for CodeLifter 5.0 Information
CodeLifter 5.0
Page Source Code Ripper-Viewer
CodeLifter is a source code viewer used to see code on http:// html pages, including pages under no-right-click scripts, trapped in windows without file menus or url boxes, and 'referrer' pages that cannot be seen in the browser. Also see .css and external .js files, etc.
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Click Here for Link Cloaker 5.0 Information
Link Cloaker 5.0
Protect/Encode Your Links
Link Cloaker is a quick and easy way to encrypt your html links and protect them from prying eyes.

For general purpose use, image sites, or captive pages where you want a message to show in the browser status bar rather than the link address -- Link Cloaker also makes the code for those slick status bar rollovers.

Great for use with ClickBank and other affiliate programs, too -- to help prevent "link high-jacking" and sales theft. Save just two or three sales, and the Cloaker pays for itself!
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Click Here for Site Capture 3.0 Information
Site Capture 3.0
Encapsulate Your Website
Site Capture is an easy-to-use utility that creates a specialized type of frameset.

It captures any page you specify -- and regardless of the url of that page, only the address of the frameset ever shows in the browser address box.

At the same time, it optionally encrypts the source url -- so a the browser menu view-source will not reveal the true address of the page the visitor sees.
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Click Here for And Light Upon Them Information
And Light Upon Them
PC Album
Download the PC album of And Light Upon Them.
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Clidk Here foe E_Cloaker 2.0 Information

E_Cloaker 2.0
E-Mail Address Encoder

E_Cloaker 2.0 is a simple utility that converts the characters of email addresses and text into browser-readable Unicode, making it more difficult for spam extractor 'bots to harvest email addresses from your web page. Using Unicoded addresses throughout your site can significantly reduce the amount of spam you receive.
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Click Here for PopUp Maker 7.0 Information
PopUp Maker 7.0
Instant PopUp Windows
PopUp Maker 7.0 is a code generator that makes the creation of popup windows fast and easy. It features full parameter setup and instant layout testing with real popup windows.
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